5 Most Adored Music Genres Across The Globe

‘Music can change the world.’

Hey fellas, have you ever given a thought about how magical music is? Surprisingly, how a perfect blend of a few messed up words with a touch of thousands of musical instruments can change your mood from humdrum to sensational. Damn, it’s so hypnotizing.

Generally, there are a myriad of ways to create music. These different types are music ‘Genres’. Can you believe, there are more than 1300 music genres worldwide. How amazing it is na!

Few days earlier, VingaJoy was also shuffling the web pages like you guys.

And here, we are. Let VingaJoy take you on a roller coaster ride of top 5 music genres.

 5) R&B

Originating in the late 40s, African - Americans blended blues with jazz music named Rhythm and Blues (R&B). Earlier, it was called ‘Race music’. Its new name has that magical spark, right.

Rhythm and Blues was previously considered as “lowbrow”. It relies on powerful downbeats played in 4/4 meter. Jazz has added musical punches and riffs to this genre.

  1. ROCK

Rock music originated 70 years ago with the advent of Bill Haley. Surprisingly, this genre has evolved so much over the years.

Starting from soft rock, moving ahead with acid or psychedelic rock, combining classical music elements, progressive rock compositions have left a huge mark on audiophiles’ hearts.

  1. Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

EDM has its roots in the 70s Disco era. In the 80s, Musical Instrumental Digital Interface (MIDI) spread out a new musical vibe never experienced before.

Presently, music producers largely depend on samplers, synthesizers, and computers to create appealing and high-energy music for clubs and restaurant bars.

  1. Hip-Hop

Coming on 2nd in the list, hip-hop is all about Rapping, DJing, BreakDancing, and Graffiti which is breaking the internet and music industry all over the world.

Stay ready to enjoy the power of rhythms and rhymes, electric beats, electronic sounds, and rap songs with hip-hop music. Mate, this ultimate music kind is still going to rule the music charts for long.

  1. POP

Originating in the mid 1950s, Pop music has always been on the top. It has evolved like no other music genre. Rock and roll and youthful styles are what we call Pop music.

Whatever music is popular, it becomes Pop. Therefore, pop is a jumble of everything played around.

Being an audiophile, pick as many as you desire. Don’t leave your island barren, mate. Keep piling up your playlist until VingaJoy prepare another read for you.