About Us

Who are WE?

We’re ardent groundbreakers who have come forth to bestow the music lovers like you with a surprisingly immersive acoustic experience for the home or on the go.

The Opening Move

VingaJoy sensed the musical purpose in 2004.

With the emergence of technology, audio manufacturers began to come across gridlocks and bottlenecks in terms of catalyzing reasonable, sturdy, and newfangled audio products.

Hence, Team Vingajoy allied together in the year 2004, to make Indian Consumers groove on the economical rhythmic grounds.

What’s VingaJoy?


The VingaJoy Family is as groovy as it sounds. For VingaJoy, the music is a never-ending bliss that offers your life journey a stylish melodious touch.

What’s NEXT?

It’s never enough for us even if we have accomplished more in embracing your lifestyle through our smart wearables.

Inevitably, more will always be less. We want the young generation to find prolonged joy with our diverse range of custom-engineered products.

IDEOLOGY that matters

Client experience mechanizes us to push harder and reach a surreal level of quality-proven innovation.