VingaJoy Laila CL-1320 Wireless Neckband

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  • Rs. 849.00

Ergonomic, sporty design: The CL-1320 Laila 2.0 Wireless Neckbands boast a lightweight sporty ergonomic design bundled with an outstanding audio experience. The neckband comes with an impressive look and settles comfortably around the neck. The magnetic earbuds interlock themselves to accompany you, wherever you go.

Long playtime, longer standby time: The CL-1320 Laila 2.0 Wireless neckbands can play for as long as 36 hours with a fully loaded 200mAh battery. The standby time of the gadget is up to 350 hours

Real stereo: The CL-1320 Laila 2.0 Wireless Neckbands deliver a life-like crystal clear audio experience with the Real Stereo effect. While listening to soothing songs is sure to take your heart away, playing musical beats on the gadget can set you into motion to tap your feet.

Noise Isolation: The noise-isolation feature of the CL-1320 Laila 2.0 Wireless Neckband gadget helps you perceive a clearer audio experience, without any interference from external noise.

Connects Android and iOS:The CL-1320 Laila 2.0 Wireless Neckbands are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and thus have wider compatibility.

Type-C-Interface: The CL-1320 Laila 2.0 Wireless Neckbands come with a Type-C interface enabling it to connect with Type-C charging cables for quick and seamless charging

10m range: The device is paired with V5.0 Bluetooth connectivity and connects to devices within a 10-meter range. Specifications Parameters
1 Model No. CL-1320
2 Wireless Version v5.0
3 Connection Distance 10 metres
4 Battery capacity 200mAh
5 Impedance 32Ξ©
6 Playback time 36 hours
7 Charging time 1-2 hours
8 Standby time 350 hours
9 Frequency Response 20Hz-20 KHz

The CL-1320 is comfortable to wear neckband that comes in a sporty finish and can play for as long as 36 hours when fully charged. The gadget, equipped with a 200mAh battery comes with a standby time of 350 hours and delivers crystal clear audio quality with a noise isolation feature for an enhanced audio experience.

The v5.0 technology is being used to connect the device with Bluetooth devices such as a smartphone to connect with the neckband.

Yes. The neckband can connect to an iOS device. It is also compatible with all Android smartphones.

The CL-1320 Laila 2.0 Wireless Neckband can connect to a device within a range of 10 meters.

The CL-1320 Laila2.0 Wireless Neckband comes with a 6-month warranty period to be calculated from the date of sale.

Immersive sound

For a life-like crystal clear sound experience


Type-C Charger

For enhanced charging interface


Comfort with ease

Comfortable, light-weight easy to carry neckband

Stylish design

Impressive aesthetics makes it stand
apart from its counterparts

VingaJoy Laila CL-1320 Wireless Neckband